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Recalls and Safety Alerts

  • Urban Remedy recalls 462 various beverages

    The products may contain almond & cashew, allergens not declared on the label By James Limbach of ConsumerAffairs March 2, 2021 Urban Remedy, a California-based producer and retailer of organic meals, is recalling 462 various beverages. The products may contain almond & cashew, allergens not declared on the label. The following products are being recalled: 184 16-oz bottles of Almond Maca, UPC 13377021093 with use-by date March 11,2021 278 16-oz. bottles of Cacao Mocha, UPC […]

  • Ducati recalls XDiavel S and XDiavel STD motorcycles

    The side stand bracket may break By James Limbach of ConsumerAffairs March 5, 2021 Ducati North America is recalling 1,601 model year 2016-2018 XDiavel S and XDiavel STD motorcycles. The side stand bracket may fatigue under load, resulting in failure of the side stand assembly and a potential for the motorcycle to fall when stationary on the stand. A falling motorcycle can increase the risk of injury to those nearby. What to do Ducati will notify owners, and dealers will install a new side […]

  • deSensua recalls essential oils

    The packaging of the products is not child resistant By James Limbach of ConsumerAffairs March 5, 2021 deSensua of Buffalo, Wyo., is recalling about 1,000 containers of deSensua Wintergreen, Birch and Pain Soother Essential Oils The product, which contains methyl salicylate, does not come in child resistant packaging as required by the Poison Prevention Packaging Act, posing a risk of poisoning. No incidents or injuries have been reported. This recall involves 1/2 fl.-oz (15 mL) amber glass […]

  • Mazda recalls model year 2021 Mazda3s and CX-30s

    The tire air valve may leak By James Limbach of ConsumerAffairs March 5, 2021 Mazda North American Operations is recalling 599 model year 2021 Mazda3s and CX-30s. Air may suddenly leak from the tire air valve, which may cause a loss of vehicle control while driving, increasing the risk of a crash. What to do Mazda will notify owners, and dealers will replace all four tire air valves with new parts free of charge. The recall is expected to begin April 23, 2021. Owners may contact Mazda […]

  • Newmar recalls Kountry Star and Dutch Star motorhomes

    The brake light switch may malfunction By James Limbach of ConsumerAffairs March 4, 2021 Newmar Corporation is recalling 1,370 model year 2021 Kountry Star and model year 2017-2021 Dutch Star motorhomes. The brake light switch may chafe against the windshield wiper mechanism, which could damage the brake light switch or it's wiring, and cause the brake lights to not illuminate. If the brake lights do not illuminate, other motorists will be unaware of the driver's intention, increasing the […]

Consumer Alerts

  • Watch out for the new ‘car wrap’ scam

    The Better Business Bureau warns that its the latest version of the fake check scam By Mark Huffman of ConsumerAffairs February 22, 2021 In this tough economy, there may be ways to make extra money with your car. Consider Uber and Lyft, for example. But scammers have devised another way that sounds even easier and more lucrative. But be warned -- its not real. It works like this: You get a text or email promising that you can earn hundreds of dollars each week just by wrapping your vehicle […]

  • COVID-19 resulted in fewer scam robocalls in 2020

    An industry report shows scammers made up for it with scam texts By Mark Huffman of ConsumerAffairs February 23, 2021 The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic brought about big changes for just about everyone, including scammers using robocalls to ensnare victims. Robokillers annual Robocall Report for 2020 shows there was a dramatic drop in computer-generated calls from April to June as the pandemic caused businesses to close and people to shelter in place. The spam call decrease from January to […]

  • Anatomy of a scam: How criminals can victimize almost anyone

    A recent victim of the Microsoft support scam shares her story By Mark Huffman of ConsumerAffairs January 12, 2021 It was a Friday morning. Rebecca (not her real name), a recently retired college professor, was sitting at her computer when a popup appeared on the screen, warning that Microsoft had detected unusual activity and that her computer had been blocked. She was instructed to call the helpline at 1-888-796-6668. A Windows Security Alert, nearly identical to the ones generated by […]

  • FCC forces robocaller to pay nearly $10 million for spoofed calls

    The agency said the perpetrator sent racist and xenophobic messages with the intent to harm By Gary Guthrie of ConsumerAffairs January 15, 2021 The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has levied a $9,918,000 fine against robocaller Scott Rhodes for illegally using caller ID spoofing with the intent to cause harm. Rhodes intent was pretty egregious, too. The robocalls crossed every line possible, including racist attacks on political candidates, an apparent attempt to sway the jury in a […]

  • The overpayment scam enters the world of online shopping fraud

    Scammers are rolling out a new wrinkle to feast on the rise in personal online shops By Gary Guthrie of ConsumerAffairs January 12, 2021 With the rise of online shopping, consumers are buying and selling items at a higher pace than ever before. Between eBay, Shopify, Facebook Marketplace, WooCommerce, Amazon Handmade, Etsy, and others, there are literally millions of people who have built millions of little online shops from the comfort of their kitchen table, generating billions in sales. […]


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