Holiday Season Reminders

Here are a few quickie reminders-

  •  -Be cautious when throwing away the garbage and clutter from buying and wrapping those gifts. When bad guys are looking for something to steal, the garbage that accrues it is just like having a flashing neon sign over your house saying that this house might be stocked with stuff to steal. Another thought, if you like to keep your windows open so you can show off your decorations, it would be a good idea to be sure that things aren’t left out in view of someone going by.
  •  -Same goes for your vehicle, while you are shopping. I know the bags get heavy after awhile walking around, right? Well again, do not leave bags or what not out in the open in your vehicle. Either suffer thru it or put in the trunk or take them home and come back and finish another time. Out of sight out of mind
  •  -Don’t ever think that you, yes I mean you the whole person , should also stay aware of your surroundings. But that should be second nature, if not you can learn it like a bad habit.

Bad guys are around no matter what time of year it is, which is unfortunate. But until we as a whole (the human race) can create a cure for all the bad, evil or what ever you may call it, we need to be safe and stay sane by protecting what we have by simply being aware of others.

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