Everyone at Pye’s Safety Spot would like to wish you a very Happy New Year 2017! We hope that you succeed and grow and become the best you have ever been.

One other thought… Be kind Man kind =

With the new year upon us , I have hope everyone in this world will learn and practice acceptance, forgiveness by understanding how our own actions affect those around us. When you are able to understand where your own anger and hate are created, how it’s trigger, then we may be at a point to understand why we choose to lash out or decide to be cruel to someone. If you don’t know why then you can’t change the how! Stand outside of yourself and see the ugliness anger creates and how it hurts never helps. Only you can make a change in you and how you treat others. Let’s be kind and understanding and helpful so we can create a great world where we can live in harmony and peacefulness together ! Humankind is Man Kind

The colors of the rainbow is the only colors that we need to be concerned with not the color of someones skin! Thank you for your time and effort




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